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As this is Rizalman's last collection with the online fashion retailer, it's no surprise that he has pulled out at all the stops and gave the traditional festivewear a fresh spin with his use of different fabrics, bold colours and head-turning prints.The winner of these national contests in the Big Four hold the title of Miss Universe Malaysia, Miss Malaysia World, Miss Malaysia Earth, and Miss International Malaysia.But with Malaysia Day coming up this Wednesday, we decided to highlight something a little closer to home.Salah seorang daripada mereka dilihat terus mempersoalkan tindakan pengawal yang cuba mengelak diri daripada jurukamera.“Hi, selamat datang ke London,” kata salah satu wartawan itu sambil menyindir pegawai Malaysia yang mengiringi rombongan Rosmah ke London.

The winners of the national pageants are selected at different competitions as each is owned by a different organisation.Here are 5 strange things about Najib’s step-family.