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Plants change, seasons change, ingredients change - like wine, for example.Tastes change and Chanel perfumers have been very careful to fine tune the blend of No.5.'If you could smell the original one you could see there is a difference, it's evolved. Very few brands do this, most have an old formula which they let cheapen instead of improving it or keeping it up to date.'Michael, an international expert who has worked with The Perfume Shop for 15 years, says perfumes must be soft to make a woman feel more attractive.Chanel No.5 has been endorsed by hoards of celebrities, from Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman to Nigella Lawson and Melanie Sykes.In fact actress Marilyn Monroe once quipped: 'What do I wear in bed? 5 of course.'Perfume expert Michael Edwards claims the distinctive scent makes a woman more appealing as it always 'arouses comments' from other people and becomes a talking point.

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19 has a diluted, earthy, vegetal transparency like freshly sliced root, or moss that has just been unmoored from its base at a tree. Although it imparts a dusty, rooty smell and by nature is rooted in the earth, Iris always manages to smell a little uncanny, otherworldly, moody, and even spooky, hence all the references to enchanted forests and witches. 19 holds back — comforting sweetness, melody, and light — that is its virtue."Chanel No.5 is an iconic perfume which has truly stood the test of time, being just as popular now as when it first went on sale almost 90 years ago."All the perfumes in the top 10 have adorned dressing tables across the country and will remain staple scents for years to come."It's good to see a celebrity perfume making it into the list from the Beckhams too - they are the ultimate celebrity couple and their fragrance is just as sexy as their advertising shots."Calvin Klein scooped second and third place in the poll of 2,000 women by Superdrug with their unisex perfume One and iconic scent Eternity.