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Designed and built in Canada by Canadair (now Bombardier) the Argus was the most capable ASW aircraft of its era.In the early 1980s the obsolete Argus fleet was replaced by 18 CP-140 Aurora ASW patrol aircraft and three CP-140A Arcturus Arctic and Maritime Surveillance Aircraft.Duane Daly, President of the Maritime Air Veterans Association and retired Col. For the past 65 years, Canada has maintained a credible maritime surveillance capability, which has significantly extended our awareness of domestic and military activities beyond our shores and has safeguarded our sovereignty.Canada acquired a fleet of 33 Argus maritime surveillance aircraft in the late 1950s to conduct anti-submarine (ASW) patrols over the Atlantic and Pacific with periodic sovereignty forays to the Arctic.High-income countries typically have high urban population proportions — 70–90% for countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.By comparison, China's urbanization lags behind its industrialization.If the current trend holds, China's urban population could top 1 billion people in the next two decades. In March, the government released the National New-type Urbanization Plan, which sets targets for China's urban population fraction to rise by 1% a year to reach 60% by 2020. It covers almost every conceivable aspect of urbanization, from rural–urban migration and integration to the spatial distribution of and linkages between cities; sustainable development; institutional arrangements; and implementation.It sets numerical goals (see 'Government targets') and as a guiding principle emphasizes a sustainable and people-centred approach, paying more attention to welfare and well-being — a significant and positive shift from the current economic focus on land development. It is local practices that will make or break China's urbanization plan.

First, urbanization and industrialization are the two engines of modernization and economic growth.What is printed below is an executive summary of the document, “Preserve Canada’s Strategic Surveillance Capability” which was forwarded to the Defence Policy Review Committee by the Maritime Air Veterans Association (MAVA). Cable, Strategic Studies Coordinator of the same organization.It was provided to Defence Watch by the authors, retired Brig.-Gen. Here is what they wrote in their document: Canada’s geography has insulated our nation from conflicts on our soil; however, our geography also presents a massive three-ocean frontier consisting of the world’s longest coastline and a massive Arctic archipelago to defend.The initial reason given by the PKK for this was the oppression of Kurds in Turkey.

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The PKK was then formed, as part of a growing discontent over the suppression of Turkey's ethnic Kurds, in an effort to establish linguistic, cultural, and political rights for Turkey's ethnic Kurdish minority.

Interest rates are inherently difficult to predict, and the simple random walk benchmark has proven hard to beat.